Long-Range Temporal Correlations in Resting EEG

Xavier Bornas, Miquel Noguera, Maria Balle, Alfonso Morillas-Romero, Blanca Aguayo-Siquier, Miquel Tortella-Feliu, Jordi Llabrés
Journal of Psychophysiology (2013), 27, 2, 60-66. DOI – 10.1027/0269-8803/a000087

Several studies have reported differences in long-range temporal correlations of EEG oscillations between depressed and nondepressed individuals. The question remains unsolved whether these differences are also linked to negative emotion regulation strategies that configure a depressive style. In this study we applied detrended fluctuation analysis to the amplitude envelope of broad band and narrow band (theta and alpha) spontaneous EEG oscillations of a sample (N = 56) of young nondepressed adults to whom several emotion regulation and depression questionnaires were administered. Linear positive correlations between the scaling exponents of both broad band and theta band oscillations and negative emotion regulation strategies and depression scores were found. These results suggest that previously found differences between depressed and nondepressed individuals may exist before depression manifests, as differences could be linked to a negative emotion regulation style that in some cases could lead to the development of a depressive disorder.

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