Computer-Assisted Exposure Treatment for Flight Phobia: a Controlled Study

Psychotherapy Research. Volume 11, Issue 3, 2001, 259-273. Computer-Assisted Exposure Treatment for Flight Phobia: a Controlled Study. DOI:10.1080/713663983. X. Bornas, M. Tortella-Feliu, J. Llabrés & M.A. Fullana

This study examines the efficacy of computer-assisted exposure (CAE) treatment in helping to overcome flight phobia and analyzes the role of relaxation and information-related components in the reduction of fear. Fifty flight phobics were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 methods of treatment: (a) CAE; (b) a multicomponent method of treatment of information, relaxation, and CAE (IRCAE); and (c) waiting list control treatment. At the end of the treatment, an actual flight was chartered. The results showed that the first 2 methods of treatments were more effective than the waiting list control treatment. The CAE group showed the greatest reduction in fear. According to data from the IRCAE group, no reduction in flight phobia was observed after the information-relaxation phase. Follow-up data showed that improvements in anxiety self-assessment rates remained constant.

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